Top-end radiata pine varieties for forest plantations in New Zealand and Australia

Forest Genetics Ltd sells trees of the highest genetic quality available today. In field trials our trees:


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 Pine Trees

Why Our Pine Trees?

Our Production Varieties represent the very best genetics available in the market today.
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Increase volume, improve wood quality and reduce disease

Our varieties give higher wood production and better wood quality as demonstrated in comprehensive field trials.
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Increase Carbon capture

Plant our varieties to substantially increase carbon capture.
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Maximise Gain

We can assist in quantifiying gain and tailoring our varieties to your specific forest sites and products.
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 Genetic Technology

Genetic Foundations

Production Varieties developed for New Zealand and Australia are derived from top crosses of New Zealand Radiata Pine Breeding Company parents, which are themselves genetically superior in quality.
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Production Cycle

The production cycle runs through 7 stages from initial field trials all the way to the final planting of cuttings in nursery beds.
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Pine Tree Trials

With more than 140 field trials underway in Australasia, results have provided the necessary proof that the cloning technologies are working as a very practical tool in creating superior trees.
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