Pine Trees
Why Our Pine Trees?

The selection of appropriate tree stocks is a key factor in the final value of forest plantations, especially as greater emphasis is put on growing trees for high-value end uses and for carbon capture. It becomes more important than ever to grow more wood, and wood of a suitable quality for processing and maximising carbon sequestration.

Recent advances in biotechnology provide opportunities to enhance the value of the radiata pine forests of tomorrow. Forest Genetics Ltd uses ‘state-of-the-art’ tree breeding, variety selection, tissue culture and vegetative propagation methods to produce tree stocks that are superior to those available in the market today.

Use of our planting stock adds significant additional value to new forest plantations by providing trees with characteristics substantially superior to those currently available. Genetic improvements from our Production Varieties will provide substantial increases in growth rate, log and wood quality and disease resistance.

In addition, in field trails our Production Varieties captured 25-50% more carbon from the atmosphere than alternative planting stock available today. Our planting stock has the potential to substantially contribute to reduction of the effects of global warming.

Our mission is to maximise the genetic quality of radiata pine plantations in Australia and New Zealand.



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